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The Band

Claudia and Psycho Betty have been developing a fan base performing for benefits, cable T.V. showcases and Bay Area Night Clubs. "Under The Influence" has received outstanding reviews in BAM Magazine, and The Big Deal


Claudia Conrad

"Claudia has one of those astounding voices that explodes out of a track, wraps around your ears and brain, and compels you to LISTEN. This is a singer who knows how to tell stories and weave vibes—not simply replicate a melody with passionless accuracy or silly vocal ornamentations. The emotional narratives in her vocal phrasing alone can add an almost cinematic impact to song lyrics. The smartest thing I ever did when producing her records was to shut up and let her unleash the magic." —Michael Molenda, former Editor-in-Chief, Guitar Player; founder Guardians of Guitar NFTs; producer, Mi5 Recordings/Universal Music Group

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Eric Marston

Eric Supplies all the guitar magic to Psycho Betty.

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Kenny Crampton

Kenny Crampton hales from the great city of Chicago . 5th born of eight musical kids , he got the musical bug early . Kenny played in the high school orchestra on upright bass, and joined the jazz band on electric bass . 

After a quick study at the Chicago, Conservatory of music , Kenny started touring across America in a local Chicago original / cover band .

He made his way out west , touring Asia and Hawaii , eventually calling the San Francisco Bay area home . 

Kenny has been involved in many recording sessions over the years including being a Bill Wyman impersonator in a San Francisco Rolling Stones cover band since 2001 and currently performing and recording original music with Psycho Betty . 

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David Eisenberg

Stage Name: Einstein or "Some guy playing the Tubbs"
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Favorite Color: Blue
Instruments: Sticks, stones, pots, pans, anything you can bang on! Seriously, Yamaha Stage series, DW custom Snare, Gretsch, Constantinople cymbals.
Best gig ever: San Francisco polo fields after a Bay to Breakers race. Limo, trailer, catered food, big press coverage
Worst gig ever: tbd
Weirdest gig ever: Nude Stock at Laguna Del Sol, playing for 2500 naked people outside Sacramento
Musicians you would most like to have dinner with: Joan Jett, David Bowie, Prairie Prince
Musician that you cannot stand: None!! It's all good.
Your philosophy towards music in one catchy phrase: “I don’t want to play; I just want to bang on de drum all day!” Or "Drum To Live and Live To Drum"

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